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Increase your listening power

Increase Your Listening Power (Effective Communications)

Employees, Projects, and Even Entire Businesses Fail Because They Don’t Communicate Effectively Communication can mean the difference between a raging success and a catastrophic failure. Examine the difference between truly successful businesses and those that are just average, and clear communication is part of the foundation. A great communicator can explain, motivate, unite, and inspire teams to achieve more than they thought possible. Just having the ability to talk, write, or hear doesn’t mean that you can communicate effectively. This course begins by defining communication and diagnosing common problems that cause misunderstandings. It identifies the qualities of effective communicators, and explains the principles that are the foundation behind every great communicator. Miscommunication ... [Read more]...
Keys to excellence

Keys to Excellence

Don’t Settle For Mediocrity In Your Life: Learn And Apply The Keys of Excellence From One Of The World’s Most Inspirational Teachers Learn To Overcome Barriers As You Strive Toward Excellence In Achieving Your Life’s Goals This course is unique among the Bigger Brains offerings because it was not written and produced in our modern teacher / learner format. However, the course content and the ideas contained herein were so valuable, we just had to make them available to Bigger Brains members. What can you learn from a man named “Tremendous”? If you had the opportunity to sit in on a seminar by “Tremendous” you would leave knowing that he loved laughter, loved learning, and loved life – and as you attend this course, you’ll learn how to gain these valuable attributes as well. Charlie ... [Read more]...
How To Unlock The Power Of The Windows 8 Operating System

Time Management Basics

You can improve the way you use time. You can avoid patterns and habits that make it difficult for you to get things done. Benjamin Franklin said, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” The signs of poor time management are all too common:
  • Clutter
  • Stress
  • Being unprepared
  • Being late
  • Poor communication
  • Feeling “frazzled” – like you can’t make everyone happy
  • Lack of fulfillment and satisfaction
Stop Allowing Outside Influences To Control Your Minute By Minute Decisions! Have you ever wondered what sets truly successful people apart from the crowd? Study the lives of high achievers everywhere and you will recognize one common characteristic: they ... [Read more]...